100% of proceeds will go to the JESSIE REES FOUNDATION supporting kids fighting cancer.


Our Mission

Box To Business was created by Jason Khalipa and Jarrett "JP" Perelmutter to elevate the community based fitness industry. Having a combined 35 locations in 9 different countries ranging from corporate accounts to tier 1 cities allows for real life examples and practical application for business owners. Jason started with no outside funding or partners, JP had a partner and outside funding. A different start but similar philosophies allows for unique perspectives. The seminars are not for profit. 



What people are saying about us

  • One of the most valuable two days of my business life. Loved the style of being loose, off the cuff and willing to answer anything. Had no idea what to expect. Was surprised by how much I walked away with.
    — Dan M.
  • 39 new sign ups this month since we returned from From Box to Business on June 2. No reduced prices, no discounts, no special tricks...just a focused intensity on customer satisfaction. We haven't seen growth like this since we were the "hot new box" a couple of years ago. Thank you!
    — Lisa V.
  • It was refreshing to have people who are very successful in my industry to be so transparent about the systems and procedures used within their business and also share their numbers.
    — Darren T.
  • I want to say thank you to you and Jason for an awesome B2B seminar. As 2015 comes to a close, my team and I are celebrating an exciting rate of growth and looking back with pride at what we have accomplished so far. Much of our success can be contributed to things we learned in just two days with you guys.
    — Benjamin T.